AboutBachir Nader


Bachir Nader, in essence, is an interior architect and industrial designer. Move in a little closer, and you unravel an individual that experiences his surroundings with his five senses, before he decides to change them. With over 100 projects in his name, with no two alike, his story is an interesting one

It all began in his car, with his laptop at hand, putting the final touches to interior renderings before making his way to his next meeting to share them with the client. Bachir admits that he had not planned to venture into the field of design, and shares that he grew fonder of it with each project he completed.

Since, Bachir has created signature venues throughout Lebanon, the Gulf and the world over, both for public and private use. His portfolio stands as testament to the fact that he seeks to transform and restructure spaces, more often than not, finding himself with a challenge at hand, taking on a project that no one else saw potential in. Be it an apartment located in the heart of the busy city, a secluded villa in the midst of the mountainous setting, corporate offices or a fusion restaurant, Bachir seeks to inject a fifth sense in all the spaces which he takes on.

His self-entitled practice includes services such as: conceptual design, design development, documentation development, supervision of the implementation phase, and purchasing from various worldwide boutiques and sources.

His fascination and ultimately inspiration for his works, arises from extensive research, architectural volumes, extensive travels, fine details that the world has to offer and most importantly from the space which he seeks to transform. With that said, Bachir believes that each project is his responsibility, as it will remain even after he is gone.

Most recently, Bachir has created industrial design pieces, consisting of lamps, tables, seating and other items. Each piece draws inspiration from a specific theme and source, with no two pieces mirroring one another.

Bachir holds a Master's degree from Lebanon in Interior Design (1999) and a Master's Degree from France in Scenography (2002).

Details are not details They make the design